The Graphics Union is a self governing body that has come together to discuss issues, share resources, represent interests and protect employment rights of its members, Graphics Designers working in the UK Film and TV industry.

  • Access to the online forum where jobs are posted regularly and members share information on rates, jobs, suppliers etc
  • Access to the members section of the website with suppliers lists and recommendations from members
  • We also have 3 to 4 meetings a year and social events
  • Listing on the website with an option to show your portfolio and availability
  • Attend meetings where we discuss and set up campaigns regarding tax, legal issues, rates etc

We have an annual membership fee of £50. This can be paid as a regular yearly payment, £25 twice a year, or as monthly subscription of £4.50.

Membership criteria

You must have at least 2 graphic design credits. Please include a link to your imdb page when joining using the form below.

Please also provide TWO referees who can vouch for you as someone working in the UK film and TV industry. (Referees must be currently working in the industry). We will only contact your referees if further verification is required.

Become a member
Less than 2 credits?

There are often job opportunities for junior assistants and if you'd like your details to be available to the Graphics Union members, please fill in this form. Members will be in touch if any job opportunities arise.

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